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Tech Alert: Roles and Responsibilities

Tech Alert: Roles and Responsibilities

Dec 09, 2016

The constant evolution of technology is incredible! It can also be incredibly scary. Our access to information is open-ended and instant. Whether we like it or not, communicating online has become a way of life. As a result, both educators and parents have an awesome task to ensure appropriate, safe, and responsible use of electronic devices and the internet.

The Educator's Role

Educators have a responsibility to teach and model the appropriate use of devices and the internet in the classroom. Teachers should not use devices in the classroom as a babysitter. The devices are not meant to replace the role of the teacher. Instead, technology allows teachers to transform the learning experience. 

At St. James, technology is embedded into the curriculum. Technology is used to enhance, support, and redefine lessons. Teachers are able to bring the outside world into the classroom and connect it to the lesson in ways which were previously inconceivable. 

Parents' Responsibilities 

With all of the wonderful opportunities technology provides our children, it is easy for misuse to occur. An electronic device is a tremendous responsibility for a child. For parents, there is an even greater responsibility to supervise, monitor, and establish boundaries with devices outside of the classroom. Here are some recommended guidelines:

Communication is Critical

  • Establish expectations and consequences regarding the use of devices as a family. 
  • Discuss and define inappropriate content, conduct and contact online. 
  • Ensure your children understand once something is posted online, it is impossible to permanently delete it. 
  • Encourage your children to “teach” you about their favorite sites and apps.

Supervise and Monitor

  • Designate a central, open area for using devices such as the kitchen table. 
  • Preview apps, websites, and games before granting permission for your children to access.
  • Regularly review the content on all devices.
  • Use parental controls on the devices. Filter and block access to age appropriate apps, websites, etc. 
  • If you allow the use of social networking sites, always “friend” and/or “follow” your children. 

Establish limits 

  • Limit the amount of time on devices. 
  • Establish a daily “check-in” time for devices to be turned in to you. 
  • Use privacy settings on apps and any social media sites. Consider turning off functions and/or apps such as “location services,” Safari, or iTunes and app store.  

When educators and parents share the responsibilities of maintaining appropriate and safe use of electronic devices, we are able to maximize the learning experience with technology. Students are able to explore, collaborate, and communicate in limitless ways. By being responsible and safe, we are able to fully embrace the power of technology. 

Helpful Resources 

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