St. James Episcopal Day School

Student Stories

Tristan, 5th Grade

1. What do you love about St. James Episcopal Day School?

"I like that when the teachers are teaching you, it feels like you're having fun instead of actually learning."

2. Describe one of your favorite teachers and tell why she is a favorite.

"That is an unfair question. I like all of my teachers!"

3. In what ways have you grown in your faith as a result of your time here at St. James?

"One way that I have grown in my faith is that I have gotten more interested in God's stories and how they relate to me."

4. The St. James Day School tagline is “Excellence, Faith, Community.” How do you experience excellence at St. James?

"A way I have experienced excellence is by having an iPad. When I was a little kid, the St. James community raised a lot of money to get the students more exciting and educating tools."

5. What would you tell another student, who goes to another school, to encourage them to consider St. James?

"I would tell the kid that when you go to St. James, you will make a friend for life!"

Tristan, 5th Grade

St. James Stories

"I don’t teach from a text book. I teach from my heart. I teach what I do best, speak Spanish. I teach my culture by sharing my personal experiences growing up in Peru."

Mrs. Woodman’s Story