St. James Episcopal Day School

Student Stories

Sally, 4th Grade

1. What do you love about St. James Episcopal Day School?

"That I get the best education and that the teachers and staff take care of me like a family would."

2. Describe one of your favorite teachers and tell why she is a favorite.

"Mrs. Shahla because she is like my grandmother. She takes such good care of me. She tells me that I am beautiful and that I can do anything if I put my mind to it. She encourages me to work my hardest and tells me not to let the little mistakes that I make become something big. "

3. In what ways have you grown in your faith as a result of your time here at St. James?

"I have grown in my faith because I watch how all of my teachers are so loving and kind. The priest make me know that I can talk to God any time, at any place, and about any thing. I know that He loves me no matter what."

4. The St. James Day School tagline is “Excellence, Faith, Community.” How do you experience excellence at St. James?

"St. James is the best school in the world. It is perfect in every way. I would not want to go to another school. It is an excellent school!"

5. What would you tell another student, who goes to another school, to encourage them to consider St. James?

"I would tell them that St. James is a place where anyone can fit in. The teachers and the staff not only teach you, but they love you. I transferred to St. James in the first grade and it is the best gift my parents have ever given me." 

Sally, 4th Grade

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St. James Stories

"I found an entire school of dedicated teachers who didn’t just teach your children, but helped raise them too. I chose to teach here so that I could continue that tradition."

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