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The Staley Family

1. What do you love about St. James Episcopal Day School?

"There are so many aspects of St. James Episcopal Day School that we love, but most important is the challenging academic environment intertwined with religion, and the outpouring of love and support shown by the staff and administration. The staff and administration welcomes and encourages parents and guests to be a part of their child’s experience at St. James Episcopal Day School by attending church, classroom events, special occasions and many celebrations. The small, intimate and safe classroom setting is the ideal environment for our children to thrive and engage with learning."

2. Why did you choose St. James Episcopal Day School for your children?

"As a family, we made the decision to send our children to St. James Episcopal Day School because we wanted them to grow and learn in small intimate class sizes within an environment that also incorporated religion. Additionally, the reputation of St. James Episcopal Day School, its recognition as a National Blue Ribbon School, and the focus on academic excellence along with the experience of staff and teachers was an immense reason for our decision."

3. In what ways have you seen your children grow in their faith as a result of their experience at St. James Episcopal Day School?

"Our children are thriving and are always excited to attend school each day at St. James Episcopal Day School because of the loving and nurturing they receive. From the spoken dinner prayers, to the sweet songs they sing, and the giving expressed to others, our children continue to grow in their faith and love as a result of being part of the St James kind and loving environment."

4. The St. James Day School tagline is “Excellence, Faith, Community.” How does your child experience excellence at St. James?

"Excellence at St. James Episcopal Day School is experienced in every aspect of the school day - every minute is accounted for and maximized. The values and faith taught to our children give them the foundation of excellence for which they can build upon. Being a kind and loving member of the community is a very important lesson that is imbedded throughout daily lessons at St James."

5.What would you tell another parent to encourage them to consider enrolling their child at St. James Episcopal Day School?

"We would encourage another parent to attend a Day School Eucharist service on Friday morning and listen to the beautiful sound of children praising and worshiping together. Or perhaps we would invite them to join us in an afternoon carpool to see our children’s faces light up when they tell us about their school day. From the giggles and smiles, to the songs and worship, our children are surrounded in an environment that promotes love, giving and excellence."

Mark & Brooke Staley, St. James Parents

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St. James Stories

"I think St. James students are able to gain a confidence and security within themselves by being at our school. the small class size lets the children feel safe enough to be themselves in front of their peers. I think this provides them with a confidence that is immeasurable."

Mrs. Hannie’s Story