St. James Episcopal Day School

Family Stories

The Colvin Family

1. What do you love about St. James Episcopal Day School?

"We love how warm and welcoming everyone is at St. James. From the first time we walked into St. James to the many times we've been back, everyone is so kind and willing to help."

2. Why did you choose St. James Episcopal Day School for your children?

"We chose St. James for our children, because we knew our children would be educated based on their own individual needs. We love the small teacher/student ratio and felt St. James was most up to date with teaching practices and technology. As early as Pre-K 3 our children are able to experience STEM, guidance and library lessons, art, music, Spanish, Christian education and physical education."

3. In what ways have you seen your children grow in their faith as a result of their experience at St. James Episcopal Day School?

"The Pre-K kind and loving curriculum taught my child to be kind, loving and respectful to others. The teachers take the time to teach the children how to treat each other with love and kindness."

4. The St. James Day School tagline is “Excellence, Faith, Community.” How does your child experience excellence at St. James?

"My children experience excellence at St James daily. In Pre-K my daughter was pulled to work individually with a teacher to help advance her reading skills. The teachers recognize the needs of each student and see that they get the guidance, resources and love that they need."

5. What would you tell another parent to encourage them to consider enrolling their child at St. James Episcopal Day School?

"I would tell other parents to attend a Welcome Wednesday tour. Look at the faces of the children and see how engaged they are in learning. Notice how happy the teachers are, and how they truly do love the children. Check out the cafeteria, the kids LOVE all the options. The facility is amazing and the opportunities for the children are top notch. It's a happy place."

Jackie & Charlie Covlin, Day School Parents

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