St. James Episcopal Day School


Our Teachers

Teachers at St. James are dedicated to their profession and are sincere in their personal concern for their students’ well-being, striving to address the diverse needs of each and every child.

  • They utilize strategic teaching methodologies and best practices to challenge their students and keep them engaged in classroom activities. In addition, our low student-to-teacher ratio allows them to be attentive to a variety of academic needs and adapt to a range of learning styles.
  • Our teachers are trained with Learning Forward, and implementation in the classroom is closely monitored by the administration. Immediate feedback is provided to teachers during daily walk-throughs using a customized iPad app that specifically targets St. James' classroom expectations for teacher and student performance.
  • Additionally, they are encouraged to continually enhance their professional skills through academic courses, in-service workshops, and participation in professional organizations.

St. James Stories

"I find that the students at St. James seem to have a unique bond. As I watch them work and play, I am continuously amazed at the genuine respect, empathy, and patience they have for one another."

Ms. Leake’s Story