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Parents Guild

Parent’s Guild

  • The school family is drawn together through the Parents Guild with active room parents, grade representatives, and leadership ready to welcome every family. Every parent with a child enrolled at St. James is automatically member of the Parents Guild.
  • The Guild provides an organized method of communication between the school and parents, and offers a means for parents to become involved in school activities.
  • Parents may also serve on the School Board, on the Board and Executive Committee of the Parents Guild, as Room Mothers and Fathers, Grade Representatives, as volunteers in the library, in fundraising activities, and more.
  • To get involved, please contact your Grade Representative to discuss opportunities that fit your talents and your schedule.
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Parents Guild will be a service organization which supports the decisions and policies of the St. James Board of Trustees and the administration of St. James Episcopal Day School. Parents Guild neither participates in policy-making nor functions as a lobbying group.

  • Accelerated Reader Store
  • Bingo Night
  • Book Fair
  • Carnival
  • Coordinating Grade Representatives
  • Educational Seminars
  • Feast of St. Nicholas
  • Grandparents Day
  • New Parents Night
  • Orientation
  • Parent Book Studies
  • Parent Recognition
  • Room Mother Training
  • Spirit Store
  • Staff Recognition
  • Teacher Appreciation
  • Teacher Birthdays
  • Yearbook

Carnival Forms: 

  • TBA

General Forms:

  • President: Jessica Kucharchuk
  • Vice-President: Amy Teague
  • Secretary: Kelly Hunt
  • Treasurer: Martha Vasquez
  • Pre-K 3: Kelley Buzzell
  • Pre-K 4: Sarah Heroman
  • Kindergarten: Gretchen Q=Petersen
  • First Grade: Kristen Carney
  • Second Grade: Lindsay Mullins
  • Third Grade: Vanessa Graham
  • Fourth Grade: Nicole Brien
  • Fifth Grade: Nicole Tarleton
  • Pre-K 3
    • Courville: TBD
    • Mahony: TBD
  • Pre-K 4
    • Harper: TBD
    • Modica: TBD
  • Kindergarten
    • Keane: TBD
    • Prudhomme: TBD
    • Richards: TBD
  • First
    • Rhodes: TBD
    • Robbins: TBD
    • Tyler: TBD
  • Second
    • Hume: TBD
    • McDowell: TBD
    • Mercil: TBD
  • Third
    • Lim: TBD
    • Shahla: TBD
  • Fourth
    • Holliday: TBD
    • Nikolaus: TBD
  • Fifth
    • Achorn: TBD
    • Castille: TBD
  • Accelerated Reader Store - TBD
  • Bingo Night - 5th Grade Students and Teachers
  • Book Fair - TBD
  • Carnival - TBD
  • Coordinating Grade Representatives - Jessica Kucharchuk
  • Feast of St. Nicholas - Room Mothers
  • Grandparents Day - TBD
  • Lost & Found - Student Council
  • New Parents’ Night Committee - Parents Guild Board Officers, Grade Representatives, and Parent Ambassadors
  • Orientation Committee - Parents Guild Board Officers and Volunteers
  • Parent Book Studies - Elizabeth Singletary
  • Parent Recognition - Parents Guild Board Officers
  • Pencil Machine Restocking - Jessica Kucharchuk & Andrea Vidrine
  • Rebates Team - TBD
  • Room Mother Training - Jessica Kucharchuk
  • Spirit Store - Amy Teague
  • Staff Hospitality - TBD
  • Teacher Birthdays - TBD
  • Teacher/Staff Appreciation - TBD
  • Yearbook - Helen Butts

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