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The 2017 Carnival Was A Tremendous Success!

A huge THANK YOU goes to the fantastic Carnival Committee for putting on an incredible night and a week of fun-filled events!

Katie Goodson: 2017 Carnival Chair
Robin Toups: Merchandise
Alison Rodrigue: T-Shirts
Gretchen Petersen & Tara Madison: Booth Sponsorships
Katie Alexander & Kelly Finan: Decorations
Hollea Holliday: Booth Prizes
Brooke Johnson: Fun Passes & Dinner Tickets
Lisa Winchester: Toy Giveaway
Jackie Colvin & Erin Kilgore: Field Day
Jennifer Jenkins: Concessions
Martha Vasquez: Treasurer & Parish Partner
Dana Messina: Secretary
Vicki Krupala: Cake Walk
Leigh Anne Wilbanks: Graphics & Newsletter
Jamie Jones: Photographer
Juliet Boyce: Giveback Meal
Kelly Hunt & Jenny Marceaux: Large Amusements
Casey Bradford: Dads' Club - Pastalaya Dinner
Jessica Kucharchuk: Parents Guild President
Amy Teague: Parents Guild Website

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  1. $5,000 Galaxy Giver
    1. Lofton Staffing Services and Security
  2. $3,000 Rocket Launcher
    1. Charles Carter Construction Company, LLC
    2. Team Automotive
  3. $1,000 Planet Power
    1. Baus Fin, Lena Fin, Shannon Kaple, Cassie Kaple & Jake Kaple
    2. Element Construction
    3. The Freeman Family
    4. Gulf Inland Marine Services, LLC
    5. The Litel Family
    6. Matthew Boagni
    7. Root Canal Specialists of Baton Rouge
  4. $500 Star Supporter
    1. The Abraham Family
    2. Allstar Automotive
    3. Appliance Distributors of Louisiana, Inc./Chris Boyce
    4. Bearing Point Properties
    5. Behavioral Intervention Group
    6. The Boydstun Family
    7. Brent & Ramsey Sims
    8. Brien Family Dentistry
    9. Debbi and Les Bente
    10. Edit by LBP
    11. Fairfax and Jack Noland
    12. The Finan Family
    13. The Frey Family
    14. Henry Insurance Service, Inc.
    15. Ira Thorla Jr. MD - Louisiana Dermatology Associates
    16. Jackie and Charlie Colvin
    17. John Brady Sessums
    18. The Maltbie Family
    19. The Marceaux Family
    20. Nicole and Kevin Tarleton
    21. OncBiomune Pharmaceuticals
    22. PDL Services, LLC/Goodson
    23. Prater Bailey and Associates, LLC
    24. Rodéo Boutique
    25. Ross and Yerger Insurance, Inc.
    26. The Spine Center at Bone and Joint
    27. The Staley Family
    28. STONE & CLOTH
    29. The Veillon Family
    30. The Willett Family
    31. VGraham, LLC Outsourced CFO
  5. Heavenly Parish Partner
    1. Buzzie & Susie Heroman
    2. Jennifer Greeson
    3. Paul & Kathy West
    4. The Troegel Family
    5. Reverend & Mrs. Errol Domingue
    6. Susan & Otey White
    7. David Warrington
    8. Beverly Coates
    9. Amelia & Jack Hunt
  6. Special Thanks To:
    1. Charles Carter Construction Company
    2. Lamar
    3. Leigh Anne Wilbanks
    4. Mac-Nett Industries
    5. Susan Colvin
    6. The Dads' Club
    7. Robin Toups
    8. Matherne's Market

St. James Episcopal Day School Carnival is an annual fundraiser sponsored by the Parents Guild since 1971. Every dollar raised directly benefits our school, including the literacy library, classroom equipment, the AR store, grandparents day, clay projects, teacher continuing education, and more! All of the proceeds stay at St. James.

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