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After School Enrichment

After school enrichment programs fostered by St. James Episcopal School exist to enhance the wholeness of each child.

Fourth quarter offerings are listed below. Click here to download the registration form!

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Hear ye! Hear ye! Be ye a knight or a knave? A lady or a maid? Let us discover together as we answer a royal call to duty. But beware. ’Tis no adventure for the faint of heart. We will confront the Middle Ages head-on and hands-on, exploring its food, clothing, castles, art, literature, music, scribing, and even...jousting. So join us- if ye dare- but do so quickly. All vacancies shall be taken anon!

  • Teacher: Mrs. Keane
  • Grades: 3rd-5th
  • Thursday 3:30-4:30 (3:00-3:30 Snack provided)
  • Class Tuition $250 per quarter
  • Class limited to 15 students

We are so fortunate being Downtown, why not take weekly walking field trips? We will walk, explore, play and even eat a treat while taking in sights of the grand Mississippi River. Come explore all that downtown has and what is right around the corner!

We will go to The State Capitol, Old State Capitol, Louisiana State Museum, LASM Planetarium, The Levee, USS Kid and Old Arsenal Barracks in historic downtown.

  • Teacher: Mrs. Holliday
  • Grades: 4th-5th
  • Tuesday 3:30-4:30 (3:00-3:30 Snack provided)
  • Class Tuition $250 per quarter (includes admission fees)
  • Class limited to 15 students

An exciting new play format for learning tennis, designed to bring kids into the game by utilizing specialized equipment, shorter course dimensions and modified scoring.

  • Grades: 1st-5th
  • Thursday 3:30-4:30 Grades 3rd-5th (3:00-3:30 Snack provided)
  • Class tuition $65 per quarter

Have you ever wanted to make your own jewelry or paint your own hair bows? In this class you will learn how to do that and so much more! We will make friendship bracelets, tassel necklaces, hand painted bows, stress balls, and many other fun crafts.

  • Teacher: Mrs. Singletary
  • Grades: 3rd-5th
  • Tuesday 3:30-4:30 (3:00-3:30 Snack provided)
  • Class tuition $250 per quarter (materials included)
  • Class limited to 12 students

Showstoppers proudly presents Miss Nelson is Missing!- a performance in one act. Come join us as we exercise our imaginations, challenge ourselves through creative play, and explore the essences of characterization. Our class will focus on scence study and improvisation in preparation for our production of Harry Allard’s hilarious book. Classes are designed to nurture each student’s creativity in a positive and fun environment.

  • Teacher: Mrs. Neil
  • Grades: 3rd-5th
  • Wednesday 3:30-4:30 (3:00-3:30 Snack provided)
  • Class tuition $180 per quarter 

Dance, jumping bands, speed stacks, and more. This is a class designed by girls for girls. Don’t be fooled, our girls are serious about their exercise and having a fun time!

  • Teacher: Coach Chandler
  • Grades: 1st-5th
  • Tuesday 3:30-4:30 (3:00-3:30 Snack provided)
  • Class tuition $160 per quarter

Students will use both snap circuits and little bits to engage students in problem solving, creative thinking and collaboration. These products make creative discovery and design a “snap”. Students will build exciting projects such as FM radios, digital voice recorders, doorbells and much more.

  • Teachers: Mrs. Feduccia
  • Grades: 3rd-4th
  • Wednesday 3:30-4:30 (3:00-3:30 Snack provided)
  • Class Tuition $275 per quarter
  • Class limited to 12 students

We use familiar sings, stories, nursery rhymes and fun games to introduce soccer to children. Our unique curriculum triggers your child’s imagination by taking their soccer ball, Bob the Bobcat, on adventures! Our philosophy and curriculum encourages children to tame their bobcat with their learned deceptive dribbling and ball striking skills. We leverage creative play and the important developmental skills it provides to make fitness and soccer their favorite weekly activity!

  • Ages 3-5
  • Monday 3:30-4:30 (3:00-3:30 Snack provided)
  • Class Tuition $120 (includes registration) per quarter

Do you want to go behind the scenes and learn how to make movies? You will be taken through the preproduction, production and postproduction phases of movie making. Ms. Kaple will share her tips on storyboarding, cameras, sound, special effects, and editing. Video clips will be produced and shared on the school daily TV show.

  • Teacher: Ms. Kaple
  • Grades: 1st - 2nd
  • Thursday 3:30-4:30 (3:00-3:30 Snack provided)
  • Class Tuition $250 per quarter
  • Class limited to 6-10 students

Students will go to the library where they will be able to do homework and have a teacher on hand to ask questions.

  • Grades: 2nd-5th
  • Offered Monday-Thursday 3:30-4:30 (3:00-3:30 Snack provided)
  • Class Tuition $125 per quarter 

This engineering class inspires design using the LEGO We Do Robotics. Your child will learn how to build and program robots with LEGO bricks and software-all while collaborating with others, developing new skills and having a great time with science, technology, engineering, and math. Students will also enjoy programming our new robots,Dash and Dot, along with others. Learning to program and code will ensure that your child will have success in the 21st century- and it must start with hands on play at a young age.

  • Teacher: Mrs. Feduccia
  • Grades: Kindergarten - 2nd
  • Monday 3:30-4:30 (3:00-3:30 Snack provided)
  • Class Tuition $275 per session
  • Limit to 12 students

We will have a blast bringing children's books to life! Through a variety of crafts, songs, costumes, and dramatic readings, imagination will meet creation as your child constructs storytelling props of his/her very own. This program is uniquely designed to promote literacy success by building foundational reading and reselling skills and by nurturing your child's invaluable love for literature.  

  • Teacher: Ms. Prudhomme 
  • Grades: Pre-K 4 - 1st
  • Tuesday 3:30-4:30 (3:00-3:30 Snack provided)
  • Class Tuition $250 (materials included) per quarter

Teddy Tennis is a ‘Curriculum Based’ teaching system that is taught using the Visual Auditory Kinesthetic (VAK) accelerated learning style: Visual Learners are those who learn by looking; Auditory Learners are those that learn by listening; Kinesthetic Learners are those who learn best through physical activity. Applying the VAK multi-sensory learning approach to teaching has proved to be very effective, particularly for young children.

  • Grades: Pre-K3 - Kindergarten
  • Wednesday 3:30-4:30 (3:00-3:30 Snack provided)
  • Class Tuition $122 (equipment provided) per session
  • Class limited to 10 students

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