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St. James offers a wide range of enrichment opportunities for students to excel in their unique gifts, as promised in the mission statement. 

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  • Teacher: Catherine Leake
  • Pre-K 4 through fifth grade attends art once a week. Ms. Leake incorporates different methods and techniques with each project. The students also learn about various artists and their unique styles.

  • Instructional Technolgy Teacher: Alison Kaple
  • Mrs. Kaple (an award-winning State Technology Teacher of the Year), leads our broadcast studio—one of the state’s only fully-eqipped, on-campus broadcast studios at the elementary level. She incorporates current events, school themes, and classroom teachings to direct and produce programs twice a day. Fifth grade students host an entertaining show, twice daily, integrating academic topics, school announcements, and daily lunch menu. All grades participate during the year to produce and write scripts. Costumes, often designed by students, further enhance the experience. Participating in broadcast helps the students with their communication skills and their confidence levels.

  • Teacher: deSha Carter
  • Mrs. Carter teaches about the traditions and customs of the church and the Episcopal faith. Every year, Mrs. Carter and School Counselor, Mrs. Singletary, declare three themes that will inspire their daily teachings.
  • Pre-K 4 through fifth grade attends Christian Education once a week.
  • Mrs. Carter and School Counselor, Mrs. Singetary, visit the Pre-K 3 classroom once a week for a combined class of Christian Education and Guidance.

  • School Counselor: Elizabeth Singletary
  • Mrs. Singletary’s mission is to cultivate and encourage the academic, personal/social, and career development of each child, as well as support every student's’ unique gifts through classroom guidance, individual counseling, and small group counseling to guide them toward conflict resolution and overall emotional health.
  • Mrs. Singeltary teaches Pre-K 4 through fifth grade once a week.
  • Mrs. Singletary and Christian Education Teacher, Mrs. Carter, visit the Pre-K 3 classroom once a week for a combined class of Christian Education and Guidance.

  • Library / Information Specialist: Tanya Bares
  • Every class visits the library once a week. She teaches the students about library resources, including the structure of a library and the various genres and types of books. They are also constantly inspired to read, not only for class requirements, but for enjoyment.

  • Teacher: Nita Hannie
  • Pre-K 4 through fifth grade attends Music once a week. Mrs. Hannie covers various genres of music and famous musicians. She also prepares a different class every week to sing during our Friday Eucharist.
  • Mrs. Hannie and Spanish Teacher, Mrs. Woodman, visit the Pre-K 3 classroom once a week for a combined class of Spanish and Music.

  • Teacher: Carrie Chandler
  • Pre-K 3 through fifth grades attend P.E. twice a week.
  • In addition to teaching different skills and and strategies, Coach Chandler also incorporates team building, problem solving, and technology into her daily classes.

  • Teacher: Carolina Woodman
  • Originally from Peru, Mrs. Woodman blends traditional teaching methods with technology. She also incorporates unique songs that help the students memorize colors, verbs, and more.
  • First through fifth grades attend Spanish class twice a week, and Pre-K 4 thought Kindergarten attend once a week.
  • Mrs. Woodman and Music Teacher, Mrs. Hannie, visit the Pre-K 3 classroom once a week for a combined class of Spanish and Music.

  • Teacher: Janna Feduccia
  • Kindergarten - fifth grade visits the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Lab every week. Mrs. Feduccia incorporates team problem solving in her daily lessons. She also leads the Robotics Club, which currently consists of six fourth graders.

St. James Stories

"I believe that children learn through hands on experience, and the new STEM push allows this to occur on a daily basis."

Mrs. Feduccia’s Story