St. James Episcopal Day School


Day School Chaplain

The Rev. Ralph Howe

The Rev. Ralph Howe

Day School Chaplain


I cannot tell you what a pleasure it is to be at St. James.

After 21 years in parish ministry, I spent the next ten years as a chaplain and teacher in a school setting. Returning to St. James has been a pure blessing. In addition to being the Senior Associate at the church, I am the Day School Chaplain. You will find me walking the halls of the day school, and sometimes in the Christian Education classroom assisting our Christian Education Teacher, deSha Carter. You’ll see me planting flowers and herbs in our gardens with the children, and in chapel. Every Monday morning at 8:20 am, we have a school-wide morning prayer service, and every Friday, at the same time, we have a celebration of the Holy Eucharist for the entire school. Parents are encouraged to come to worship with us, as much as possible.

Throughout the year, the school has different outreach programs that have involved collecting canned goods for the hungry, collecting school supplies for schools that may have less resources than we do, and finding ways to help others. I find my job to be a wonderful gift from God. To be able to see these wonderful children, day after day, is a true joy.

Father Ralph

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